Winter Landscape

"Winter Landscape"
30" x 36" Oil on canvas
Painted in 1923. First exhibited in the 1937 Butler mid-year.

Just this year (2015), I discovered that the Butler Institute of American Art has, over the last few years, been using the John Lloyd painting "Winter Landscape" when instructing more advanced students in classes at their Institute and other surrounding institutes!

For The Butler to select this painting from their most impressive collection of thousands of paintings is a real tribute to John Lloyd's art work and his esteemed and inspiring artistic insight.  After all, The Butler is noted worldwide as one of the premier institutes representing American art.  Dr. Louis Zona, Director and Premier Art Historian, considers this painting "a masterpiece."

Clyde Singer, a "master" and former curator at The Butler wrote an article in 1971 praising Lloyd's "Winter Landscape."  In the article he calls this painting "Synthetic French Impressionism."