Trumbull Art Gallery

Steel Mill Paintings







From October-November, 2015, the Trumbull Art Gallery (TAG) in downtown Warren, OH, produced a significant exhibit dedicated to revitalization.

In this exhibit, seven of John Lloy'd steel mill paintings were showcased.  Since Lloyd's mill paintings were so wonderfully executed, the are always exhibit favorites, lending a huge WOW factor to any exhibit.

Lloyd's noted strength and mastery of color is readily exemplified in these paintings.  His fiery whites, yellows, and oranges, and rich colorful blast furnace reds are outstanding!

One painting, "The Mills of Youngstown," when exhibited in 1924 at a noted Philadelphia museum, attracted much attention and received fine comments in an article published by the New York Art News.

Lloyd’s steel mill paintings are among the best of all steel mill paintings. They lend a big WOW factor to any exhibition.Of note: Youngstown, Ohio, during the early 20th century had the unflattering distinction of producing within its city limits, more steel than any other steel producing city!  Talk about pollution!  At one time, Youngstown's Mahoning River actually caught on fire!