Other Acknowledgements

Douglas Paschall, Curator of Collections
Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia:

  • "Your website should do much to raise Mr. Lloyd's status. I can see his interest in the art of several people and can understand your distress that he is not better-known…The Art Club of Philadelphia where Lloyd exhibited was a prestigious honor. It had exhibitions that were among the most significant in the country, featuring all the top American artists of its time…."

Sylvia Yount, Curator of American Art
High Museum of Art, Atlanta:

  • "Lloyd's work is lovely (very suggestive of Breckenridge and Redfield)…."

Dr. Kathryn A. Wat, Curator of Exhibitions
Akron Art Museum, Akron:

  • After privately viewing Lloyd's works, stated that "…. If I end up curating a regional impressionism show in the future, you know I'll come knocking to borrow a few…" and as a result of her interest has initiated a biographical file in the Akron Art Museum Library and Archives.

Patrick McCormick, Archivist
Butler Museum of American Art, Youngstown:

  • Patrick stated that his work "Winter Landscape", which is part of the Butler's permanent collection, was suggestive of the Charles Rosen painting, "Winter Sunlight", also a part of their collection. Charles Rosen was a nationally noted Pennsylvania Impressionist.

Clyde Singer, former curator
Butler Museum of American Art, art critic for the Youngstown Vindicator, and nationally known artist of American realism:

  • Clyde Singer was considered a close friend of Lloyd's and stated in an article regarding the painting in the permanent collection at the Butler, "Winter Landscape" that "…. It's not for close viewing. Stand back, way back, and view the work….'The smell of paint is unhealthy' was the fashionable saying of it's day, and the late Mr. Lloyd, like most artists, preferred to be fashionable." (Youngstown Vindicator, 1971)

Richard Moore and Diane Schaffstein, of the nationally noted
Bonfoey Gallery, Cleveland:

  • Stated that Lloyd "…merit's a place in ….the books and articles written by scholars and historians…."
  • Diane continued to say "…Lloyd's work needs to be introduced to a new and much wider audience, not just Northern Ohio, but also to the United States…."

Brian Peterson, Senior Curator
James A. Michener Art Museum, Doylestown, Pennsylvania and author of "The Pennsylvania Impressionists":

  • After viewing the website, responded personally stating that they would "…certainly start a file on him in archives and…add his name to our online database…" Furthermore, Mr. Peterson provided information regarding details relevant to the Pennsylvania Impressionists and Lloyd's possible connection.

Trumbull Art Gallery, Warren, Ohio:

  • TAG honored Lloyd's work in their year-end VIP one-man show in 2005.

The Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio:

  • The Butler dedicated the entire skylighted perimeter mezzanine, one of the Butler's choice exhibit halls, for the John L. Lloyd paintings exhibit for 7 weeks in early 2008. The combination of the selected pieces of Lloyd's work on display and the venue was inspirational. Vistors commented that it was indeed a sensational, awe-inspiring experience.