John Lawrence Lloyd

lloyd_bust_266John Lawrence Lloyd was a highly respected 20th century artist, who started painting at an early age, quickly developing into a talented artist and by the age of 30, was receiving awards at national levels. Shortly thereafter, he was considered a “major force” in American art producing superior works at the time (1920s and 1930s) and “superior to much that is being resurrected now.”

John Lloyd was primarily a landscape artist and while his oil paintings are the most highly regarded, he was also an accomplished watercolorist and a great draftsman in pastel. All of his paintings are revered for their color and composition. Furthermore he was not just an artist who could depict landscapes and city scenes; he was also an avid portraiturist and a still life painter.

During the years between 1915 and 1924, Lloyd associated, studied, painted, and exhibited alongside many of America’s most distinguished artists including “masters.”

These “masters,” along with many others, certainly influenced John Lloyd’s work. However, by that time, Lloyd was already in his thirties and by then an accomplished artist in his own right; therefore he was not so much a student when traveling but was more of a contemporary to these other artists.

Lloyd’s artistic career coincides with major trends in American history when American Realism was at its pinnacle, but European Impressionism and Post Impressionism were still major inspirations concerning art education. Therefore, much of Lloyd’s work remains prototypically early 20th-century American in sensibility while some of his other paintings, with their strong focus on light and color with “impasto” brush strokes, are typically impressionistic in style.

In summary, and after a lifetime of painting, John Lloyd developed his own individual style and identity. Brian Peterson of the Michener Museum describes this best when he refers to this as the artist’s “own voice or inner self.”

Lloyd clearly communicated his own voice to the canvas which is obvious after one has the opportunity to review his collective work.

The ten selected paintings below clearly depict Lloyd’s Realist and Impressionist styles, impasto brushwork, and artistic “genius.”¬†¬†Mouse-over to pause slide show, move away to resume.

Winter Scene
Corner Drug Store
Along the Creek
Summer Landscape
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