National Recognition

At the national level, The American Art Review acknowledged Lloyd's talent in their 2008 April issue. This six page article includes photos other than the ones in the book, so it is worth reading and review.

Dr. Louis Zona states in the catalog, "John Lloyd was an artist of enormous talents."  He goes on to say, "It is our hope that this significant exhibtion will do much to assist this wonderful artist in assuming his rightful place as a major artist of the Modern era."

Dr. Gerdts couldn't agree more, stating that he "enjoys immensely both Lloyd's landscapes and his city industrial scenes."  He goes on to say that he finds "Lloyd's pictures very strong and power, and wonderfully expressive especially in their coloration… Lloyd should certainly be represented in every public collection in Ohio and western Pennsylvania."  It is Dr. Gerdts' hope that Lloyd's work "travels to other important institutes elsewhere such as the Westmoreland Museum of Art in Greensburg, Pennsylvania."



John L. Lloyd Goes International
I am happy to report that in February, 2015, a collector in Cornwall, England, purchased an original John Lloyd oil painting, a 9½" x 12" winter scene.

Cornwall is a noted and popular regional art center in England.

I'm proud to announce that John Lloyd is now recognized at an international level!