Reintroduction 2008 – 2014

Starting in 2008 with the introduction of this website along with other major exhibits and events, John Lloyd's work is once again receiving rave reviews.

Oil on Canvas, 36″ x 30″
Collection of the Butler Institute of American Art
Youngstown, OH

Acknowledging this, The Butler Institute Of American Art, known worldwide as "America's Museum," honored John Lloyd in 2008 with a large and extraordinary one-man show named "John L Lloyd. Painting Time And Place."  Dr Louis A Zona, Director and Chief Curator of the Butler, states in the exhibit catalogue "John Lloyd was an artist of enormous talent.  It is our hope that this significant exhibit will do much to assist this wonderful artist in assuming his rightful place as a major artist of the Modern Era."  You can read Dr. Zona's foreward to the exhibit catalog by Clicking Here.

Ms. Margo L. Jacobs, Guest Curator for this exhibit, also wrote an essay for the catalog which chronicles Lloyd's entire life as an artist, his accomplishments, rewards, style, imagery, brushwork, and also of significant importance, his "revered" command of color and composition.  If one is to clearly understand the artwork of John L. Lloyd, Ms. Jacobs' essay is yet another and very important "must read."  Click Here to read Ms. Jacobs' essay.

Also in 2008 and of major importance, the American Art Review ran a wonderful six-page article of Lloyd's work (Volume 20 Number 2 – March-April 2008).  The American Art Review has both national and international circulation.

As a result of the Butler exhibition and other recent promotions, there is a growing list of scholars and historians that are once again recognizing Lloyd's work.  In their collective opinion, Lloyd's work definitely merits a re-introduction to the art world.  They go on to say that Lloyd's paintings need to be viewed by a national audience by way of important exhibits at acclaimed venues.

In summary, John Lloyd's work is once again being shared with, and enjoyed by, the public and will not be lost to society!

     Starting in 2011, much of John L. Lloyd's work has been made available for purchase. 
Click Here to view representative paintings and sales-related information.