Running In Some Pretty Good Company

The ten years from 1915 through 1924 when John Lloyd was painting in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania and Woodstock, New York, and exhibiting in Philadelpha, were very influential years for him.  These years are critical and well worth being re-emphasized.

The above-mentioned schools, colonies, and art sites which John Lloyd attended or visited on many occasions, and the institutions and clubs where he exhibited were some of the most significant and attracted the very best artists in the entire country.

Woodstock's main attraction was the nationally acclaimed artist John F. Carlson, who was then President of the New York Art Students' League.  Carlson was instrumental in relocating the summer classes, which were previously held in Connecticut, to Woodstock.

Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, was the ideal location for instruction in landscape painting, and was soon recognized as one of the very best landscape schools, attracting some of the very best artists in the entire country.  The level of instruction was excellent with Daniel Garber, Hugh Breckenridge, Arthur Carles, Henri McCarter, and Fred Wagner to name a few at that time (early 1920's).

Exhibiting at the Philadelphia Art Club was also a real honor.  Douglas Paschall of the Woodmere Museum iin Philadelphia state that, "these exhibitions were among the most significant in the country featuring only the top American artists of the time."

During his years in Woodstock, Chester Springs, and Philadelphia, from 1915 through 1924, John Lloyd developed into a very talented artist and was recognized as such by his contemporaries.  During those years, he became friends and a close associate with many prominent artists and also painted and exhibited alongside some of these artists who later became acclaimed "Masters," including John Grabach, John Folinsbee, Fred Wagner, George Sotter, and Ferne Coppedge. Archie Willard, who painted "The Spirit of 76" was one of many close friends of Lloyd and they corresponded regularly.

John Lloyd "ran in some pretty good company."