John L. Lloyd Exhibit at
The Butler Institute of American Art

Youngstown, Ohio
March 16 – May 4, 2008


High-resolution DVD

Full-screen, 5:43
Suitable for play on TV or Computer


A high-resolution video was created and put into DVD format, in an attempt to capture the sentimental impressionism expressed in Lloyd's work.  The video in no way replaces the awe and emotion of viewing the artwork at the exhibit, but rather give the viewer an idea of the scope, quality, and significance of the exhibit, the paintings, and the Butler as a world-class venue.

Cost: DVD – $15 + shipping

Turn up your computer volume and click on the 'Play' control button in the video window above to view a low-resolution version of the available video.

Full-color Catalog

Includes 51 glossy prints

book_cover300This is a copy of the cover of the book that was made available at the Lloyd's exhibit at the Butler Institute of American Art, with glossy prints of 51 paintings, representative of Lloyd's work.
Not all of these paintings were displayed at the Butler exhibit.


  • Remembrance by John Boop, Grand Nephew
  • Introduction by Dr. Louis Zona, Director
  • Essay by Margo L. Jacobs, Guest Curator
  • Chronology
  • Full-page colored prints.

Cost: Book – $30 + shipping

If you would like to purchase a DVD of this exhibit video or a copy of the catalog with the compilation of 51 glossy prints, please contact:

John L. Boop